Molly has grown in popularity due to the fact that it is marketed as “pure” MDMA, thus people might believe it is safe. In fact, sometimes if people don’t feel the effect of the drug they decide to take another pill. This could be incredibly dangerous and detrimental to your body. People, particularly college students and ravers need to be aware of this and consider the fact that they can overdose and it can be fatal in some cases. While overdose is not too common with using molly, the side effects are what creates a danger for users. College students know that this is a dangerous habit and know that they shouldn’t be taking such risks. The whole goal of Making a Difference with Molly Awareness (MDMA) is to make information available so that people choose to live a healthier lifestyle. So, I have found that Twitter feeds are so easy to share this information, which is why I have created mine; to reach students and others in the easiest way possible: @iamecstasyaware.


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